Muscle Gaining Secrets Review


Used by a number of athletes, stars and even armed force members, Muscle Gaining Secrets has become known as one of the most effective muscle building programs today. Making use of natural means there is no need for expensive supplements, drugs or steroids. Workout time is cut since you spend only about three hours a week in the gym.

Who's Behind the Product

Jason Ferruggia is a renowned fitness expert with a degree in exercise science. He has spent the last twenty years lifting weights training other people for fifteen years as well. He regularly contributes articles to different fitness magazines such as Men's Health, Maximum Fitness, Today's Man and Men's Fitness. His also writes for various health websites. The Hard Gainer is his own monthly advice column.

What Do You Get

The book Muscle Gaining Secrets is a two hundred and one page guide that will let you know all about losing fat and gaining muscles. Beginner Blast Off will jumpstart your routine while Maximum Mass takes you to the next level. The Home Gym Warrior is included because Jason understands that not everyone gets to go to the gym. The Exercise Data Base shows each exercise with pictures and descriptions. Two books for meal plans will keep you eating healthy while Secrets of Super Strength and Iron man will develop your body strength and keep you safe from injuries. An MGS Tracker, Audio interview and lifetime membership are some other things that are included.

What I like About It

Muscle Gaining Secrets wasn't written by just anybody. This program was developed by a real muscle building expert who is an expert in his field; because he knows just what he is talking about Jason can guide you right through the whole thing. There is a guide starting from what you should eat all the way to what exercises should be performed. What's more is that the exercises allow you to spend less time in the gym without sacrificing results.

What I Don't Like About It

This is not one of those books that try to make things sound nice. Jason gets down to the truth of things and lets you know about it the way it is. He reveals why steroids and supplements don't work and other misconceptions. If you aren't ready for the truth behind things then you may not like what Jason has to say about things.


Jason Ferruggia's Muscle Gaining Secrets are for those people who are serious about getting fit and building muscles. It doesn't matter whether you were born with the right genes or not, whether you're an ordinary person or an athlete. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to have a better body.