Muscle Gain Truth Review


Complete with all the things that you need to know about bulking up Muscle Gain Truth promises to help you put in muscle to your body. With two hundred and sixty two pages packed with tips and techniques you will learn how sets and repetitions you should really perform, why hormones don't work and other such things. Other than information it also has the actual routines that you need to perform.

Who's Behind the Product?

Sean Nalewanyj considered himself a punching bag for others when he was younger. At one hundred and twenty five pounds he was scrawny and could never seem to bulk up despite trying everything. Things stayed this way until he found what it takes to really build muscle mass. After this is now a National Body Building Champion and bestselling author.

What You Get

Muscle Gain Truth which is an complete guide that helps you gain knowledge on gaining muscle mass as opposed to gaining fat. This comes with a twenty six week work out plan and video database that will help you put things in order. With the Muscle Building Meal Plans allows you to eat healthy and the Muscle Training Modules show you how to train your muscle groups. The MGT Progress Tracker 6000 and My Personal Trainer will both help you keep your development on track.

Why I Like It

One of the things that I really like about Muscle Gain Truth is that it is made for real people, not body builders or athletes. It can be used by anyone who wants to gain muscles, no matter how thin they may be. You can cut your workout time and spend time doing other things, yet you will still be looking good. Other than that it teaches you exercises that you can do even with just a barbell and you'll get surprising results.

Why I Don't Like It

Being an A to Z guide you'll find that Sean has a number of things that he would like others to know. He does not skimp on information so you may find yourself overwhelmed with the things that you are learning. It is comparatively longer than the other guides which you will find in the market and may not be an easy one sitting read.


Muscle Gain Truth is a book, program that I would certainly recommend to anyone who wants to bulk up. If you've always been on the thin side and feel like there is no chance that you'll ever get muscles, give this book a try. With the information in it you will surely be learning a whole lot, and if that's too much for you then you can take things slow since it is broken down from A to Z.