Body Re-Engineering Bodybuilding System Review


In the book Lose Fat & Gain Muscle, Hugo Rivera reveals the exact techniques that he uses to keep him fit despite his natural body make up. His system contains all the finest essential diet supplement and training secrets he has learned and used over the years. This is a fat loss AND muscle building system that can be used to either tone or bulk up.

Who's Behind the Product?

Hugo Rivera is a multi certified personal trainer (ISSA, CFT & SPN accreditations) who used to be unfit as a kid. Despite all his efforts growing up, his genetics did not allow him to get the body he wanted. After seventeen years of trial and error he has found a system that will work for anyone. He is also an author over 1 million physical books worldwide and has articles appearing in numerous magazines. Of course, he is a 100% lifetime natural competitive bodybuilder.

What You Get

The main manual for Lose Fat and Gain Muscle is divided into five portions: Motivation my 10 Bodybuilding Commandments & the Formula For Success, Training - Weights & Cardio, Bodybuilding Diet & Nutrition, Supplements and Rest & Recovery. When you get this there are six bonuses that come along: An 8 Week Special Get Lean Plan, The magnificent Abs Routine, Pre Made Diets, Online Exercise Data Base, unlimited updates and free access to Hugo Rivera for any questions you might have.

Why I Like It

Hugo's system takes into consideration several important things that most people look for in a system today. First of all, there is no need to spend large amounts of time in the gym with the 50-60 minute workouts. Secondly, you can follow the program without using any supplements and drugs which don't really help you anyway. Lastly, the program can be used by anybody. It doesn't matter whether you're male or female, have experience or don't; this system will work for you.

What I Don't Like About It

They claim that this is the perfect system to lose fat and gain muscle. While it may work far better than others, it's hard to say that it is the perfect system. Even after all the problems have been tweaked and worked out, there may still be other systems that work well or that may be developed in the future.


Lean muscle is quite hard to come about especially if you're body wasn't made that way. If that is what you want then I would say that this is the system for you. Lose Fat Gain Muscle is a revolutionary system that will work for anyone and is not time demanding. You can get lean muscle and a healthy body with this system.