Body Building Revealed Review


Its title alone, says it all- Bodybuilding Revealed is a complete guide that contains almost all the information you will ever need in line with bodybuilding. With topics ranging from diets, training down to the mental aspect this book contains information that you will find from different fields and specialties all rolled into one.

Who's Behind the Product?

Will Brink is an author, magazine columnist, researcher and a former elite personal trainer. He has been part of the bodybuilding industry for over twenty years making various contributions and helping people change their lives. Graduating from Harvard University with a degree in ALB concentrating on Natural Sciences he has written and done research in many topics in the health field.

What You Get

This package is actually five books, all of which you get when you obtain Bodybuilding Revealed; starting from Muscle Building and Diet, Supplementation Reviews, Weight Training, Cardio Fat Burning Workouts and Motivation and Goal Setting. 12 Months Platinum Inner Circle Coaching, 12 Months access to The Inner Circle Forum & Knowledge Base, The Bodybuilding Revealed Meal & Calorie Planner, The Diet Planner, Bodybuilding Revealed Pre-Made Diets and The Bodybuilding Revealed Video Database are also included. Don't forget Mass Gaining Training Programs by Charles Poliquin and How To Build Muscle At Home by Craig Ballantyne. Updates are also available through the Inner Circle.

What I Like About It

Carefully put together, Will has been able to create a book that contains all the information you will ever need to keep you on the right track. He has separated the salient parts and created sections for each allowing readers to better understand each portion. He has sought the opinions of other experts in other fields to help support the information contained in his book. With his credentials and works you won't have to worry about receiving the wrong information.

What I Don't Like About It

Overpowering it may seem at first. While other health and fitness books are usually only a few pages long, I have never seen anything like this. Bodybuilding Revealed totals to six hundred and thirty two pages. To think that this is six hundred and thirty two pages of pertinent information, nothing that you don't need. It is tiring to read.


Getting down to the bottom of things is what Bodybuilding Revealed is all about. If what you want is to be able to learn everything there is to learn and really get buff the healthy way then this book is certainly for you. The amount of information contained in the book will help keep you in the right way and you don't fall into the common pitfalls of bodybuilding.